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As we hear the word ‘KRRISH’ the first word which comes in our mind is ‘farmer’. The farmer is the pillar of modern human society. They grow grains in barren land with their hard work and nurture whole human beings; Just like that the meaning of ‘KRRISH’ is… 'To help the needy one'… 'KRRISH' has started working for the society in the year 2003 but got registered in the year 2007.

OBJECTIVE - ‘KRRISH’ as a voluntary organization which is dedicated towards the progress of Education, Healthcare and Self employment. Not only the education but the social awareness is also our motto like… save the Environment. We try to find the solution to save the environment. We create awareness among children through painting, debate, street play, plantation program etc. because children are the real brand ambassador of our society and country.


Hard Work

Pure Love

Smart Ideas

Good Decisions

PROGRAM: Education and Training- A pioneer institution ‘Tamanna school of Art’ is working under KRRISH since 2007. This institution is completely dedicated for the Art and Culture. It provides training each and every aspect of Art, like Sketching, water colour, Oil colour, Portrait making, fabric painting, Wood carving and Statue making. Apart from this Handicraft, Madhubani Art, Mehandi Art are also being taught. Singing, Dancing, Instrumental and vocal classes also runs in this institution. It also provides training in Western and Classical Dance under guidance of experts.

For women empowerment, training are being conducted in Computer, Stitching, sewing, soft toys making etc. Tamanna school of Art is also registered under Pracheen Kala Kendra, Chandigarh. Boys and girls appear in 5 year degree course in Fine Art, Music and Dance.

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